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Monclova Christian Academy, partnering with Christian families, exists to provide a quality, Christ-centered education integrated with a Christian view of God and the world.



It is the purpose of Monclova Christian Academy to provide a Christ centered education integrated with a Christian view of God and the world. The Bible is specific in stating the principles which underlie Christian education. St. Paul presented a comprehensive principle when he wrote of Christ: “For by Him were all things created, that are in Heaven, and that are in earth…And He is before all things and by Him all things consist.” (Col. 1:16-17) And the writer of the fourth Gospel said, “All things were made by Him, and without Him was not anything made that was made.” (John 1:3)

There is an important difference between the Christian and the non-Christian viewpoints on a given subject. Even though knowledge is factually the same for both, no subject can be taught in the totality of its truth if the Creator is ignored or denied. Knowledge is purified by the recognition of God’s place in it. No other approach to education can be entirely God-honoring, for parents and children.

Parents of children in the Monclova Christian Academy consider the Word of God clear in making Christian parents responsible for the education of their children; education not limited to the counsels of God revealed in His Word, but also in the counsels of God revealed in His world. These parents want their children to be educated at home and at school with the consciousness that all truth is God’s truth, including history and geography, science, music and the arts, and that Jesus Christ is to be central in all learning and living.

We believe that a Christ centered school is essential in our world today. We realize the strength of our enemy and need to equip our children with the tools to combat the enemy. We want our children to have an education which will prepare them mentally, physically and spiritually according to the Scriptures.

MCA Spiritual Life


The Bible is the core of MCA curriculum.  We believe that all education should include daily Bible instruction.  Our students receive Biblical instruction through daily Bible class and weekly chapel services.  In addition, students are trained and encouraged to share their faith in Christ with others.  MCA offers ministry opportunities throughout the year for our  senior high students.

On Site Academics

MCA offers classes for kindergarten through twelfth grade.  Our goal is to prepare students for college, ministry, and career opportunities in the twenty-first century.

Therefore, MCA provides an accelerated curriculum designed to motivate and challenge your child to reach his or her full potential in Christ.  All standard academic courses are provided.

In addition, each child will receive training in music, a foreign language, physical education, and daily Bible instruction.  MCA also provides opportunities for your child to compete in science fairs, spelling bees, speech meets and art and music competitions.

Arrows Homeschool Program

For those families training their children at home, we offer the Arrows Homeschool Program to provide support for successful homeschooling.  Please contact Connie Sidener (c.sidener@mcathunder.org), our homeschool coordinator, for further information.


MCA’s commitment to excellence extends beyond the classroom setting and onto the hardwood courts of our gymnasium and the grasses of our soccer field.  Our goal is not just to win, but to leave a lasting testimony for Christ in every competition.

We are currently offering the following sports at the various levels:

2nd & 3rd Grade:  Co-ed Soccer, Boys & Girls Basketball

4th & 5th :  Co-ed Soccer, Boys & Girls Basketball

5th & 6th: Girls Volleyball

Junior High:  Boys Soccer, Girls Volleyball, Boys & Girls Basketball, Boys & Girls Track & Field

Varsity: Boys Soccer, Girls Volleyball, Boys & Girls Basketball, Girls Cheerleading, Boys & Girls Track & Field

Fine Arts

MCA is committed to providing a well-rounded education for your children.  Studies have shown that students involved in music and art tend to have better academic records than those who have not been exposed to the fine arts.  Therefore, MCA offers well-established programs in choir, band, and art.

One-to-One Program

Beginning in the second semester of 2015-2016, Chromebooks are being rolled out to the entire student body. The junior and senior students received them first, and students in grades 7-12 will all have Chromebooks in 2016-2017. The plan is that all students in all grades will have individual Chromebooks by the start of the school year 2017-2018. This movement is being done with the purpose of preparing our students to be responsible and prepared users of technology.

In the Classroom

MCA classes all include a SMART Board for interactive and engaging lessons. In addition, all grades are regularly utilizing personal technology through our Chromebook roll-out and our portable computer lab which brings the computer lab to the classroom. There is a portable computer lab in the elementary wing, and there are two in the high school wing, one upstairs and one downstairs. This is in place so our students have access to computers and the internet for researching, forming, and publishing their work.